Residential Recovery

Women Supporting Women
Men Supporting Men
Will there be any programs offered at the house, ie meetings, therapy sessions, classes?
We have one mandatory house meeting for each house to discuss chores, food, rent and other operational issues as they arise. These meetings are 6:00 pm Tuesday at the Women's house and 5:00 pm Friday at the Men's house.
What about parking?
We have off-street parking for several cars and ample space directly in front of the house.
What kind of notice do you need before I move out?
We request at least two weeks notice. The sooner we know the easier the transition is likely to be.
What is the procedure for deciding on new house members?
The program director or house manager talk, usually on the phone, with an interested person. When that goes well the individual interviews with the existing group of house members who then vote. Acceptance requires an 80% yes vote. Most decisions are arrived at by consensus.
How long can I live at the recovery house?
We encourage people to stay as long as their participation is supportive of their individual recovery and supportive of the house as a whole.
Can I bring my own furniture or pictures.
House members are encouraged to create their own spaces, either upon arrival or over time. We provide all the initial furnishings and furniture.
What if I screw up?
There are only a few actions which will result in immediate eviction - illegal activity, violent behavior or stealing. We have an individualized relapse policy. Other less than acceptable behaviors will be dealt with by the group of house members in a democratic manner. We recognize that people in early stages of recovery have many challenges. We try to be as supportive of each individual as possible without compromising the safety and stability of the group.
How much is rent?
Rent is $140.00 per week, payable at the house meetings in advance. Special arrangements can be made with Wakefield House.
Is there a security deposit?
We have a non-refundable entry fee of $200.00 which is required along with one week's rent prior to move-in.